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Thermal insulation
We undertake all work related to thermal insulation and we guarantee an excellent result, both in external and internal thermal insulation applications.

Our company, following the continuous evolution of sealing materials and systems in combination with the thorough technical training of our executives, provides you with a series of reliable and testable solutions for any problem you face.

Thermal facades
With the term thermal facade or external thermal insulation we call the placement of thermal insulation boards (styrofoam) on the outer surface of all the vertical walls of the building.

Cement corners
Our company always offers you complete solutions for all types of insulation.


Our goal is the continuous improvement of the services provided, always guided by the benefit and the absolute satisfaction of our customers.

By proposing professionalism, responsibility, but also our personal relationship with each customer individually, we guarantee the quality of the materials and the final result.

We design and create everything you dream of and we propose solutions based on the needs of you, but also of your space.



Trust us

and be sure that the result will be guaranteed!


You will find us in Agia Marina, Aegina and at 6992078346.